winter at community table

In an attempt to escape watching NFL playoffs, I left D at home and took a little road trip to meet Amy at Community table. I’ve come to enjoy the 70 minute drive up north. For this visit, my GPS decided I should exit Route 8 in Thomaston. On Northfield Road there was a stunning view of the Litchfield hillside. Rt 254, westbound approaching McBride Road (I recommend 30 minutes before sunset). Amy and I are already on a mission to return and visit Arethusa Farm which is not far from this spot.

Here are the highlights last night’s meal:

Green House Greens
radishes, beets, fennel, basil, lemon & olive oil

Pancetta Wrapped Monkfish
sauteed mushrooms, risotto, spinach, thyme, mushroom jus

Slow Roasted Organic Turkey
chutney glaze, kale, barley

Chocolate Cake
spiced dulce de leche sauce, chocolate sauce, candied coco nibs, toasted almond ice cream, toasted almonds

Photos from past Community table meals

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  1. I love driving the countryside north of the Parkway. Living on the shoreline, it doesn’t happen often enough!

    Can’t wait to try out this new route. Thanks RK.

    If you’re looking for more Ct photos: I recently found these from July 2011! You can see the seasonal differences with the menu

  2. Here’s a great route that will take longer, but is perfect for a nice Spring day:

    Take Milford/Derby Rd To Route 34, follow 34 all the way north into Newtown. That will turn in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown and eventually take you to Route 25. Follow 25 through Newtown and Brookfield and then turn right onto Route 133. Take 133 through Bridgewater until it connects to 67. That’ll take you north to 202 where Community Table is on. Bonus drive: do the loop around Lake Waramaug just south of Community Table. Off 202 on Route 45.

    On the way home, take 67 south into Roxbury, and then Good Hill Road east to Route 6 into Woodbury antique land. That’ll then connect to 67 and take you back down to Route 8 to get back to Milford.

    One of the most gorgeous countryside loops in the state!

  3. Enjoyed your photos of the beautiful food at Community Table. Hope to get there someday and try some myself. P.S. How do you manage to stay so trim, tasting all those wonderful foods? Ciao. A. Jean

  4. Ready when you are!The minute I leave Community table I start plotting my return. Loved those radishes. I’ve never been a huge fan of daikon in Japanese food, but when used with a light hand, I’ve seen it in a new light!

  5. I want to go back to there. Those radishes were beautiful, the monkfish was perfect, and chocolate cake, a perfect denouement to a nice meal. When do we go back?

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