I feel like I could win the deadbeat blogging award. I just haven’t had the energy to sit down and edit any of my major projects lately!  Last week sure was a blur. Luckily I pulled out the camera or I wouldn’t have forgetten half of this already. First up, visiting my in-laws’ home right down the road:Back at our place, the granite patio is really coming along:This plane was doing shoreline runs over the weekend. Luckly, the engines are so loud, I had time to race outside with my camera:I got my first taste of the food carts between Cedar and York at Yale New Haven Hospital. We arrived at 2 pm, too late to try Caseus grilled cheese truck, but I got this photo while we waited on the sidewalk for our pork tacos at another cart: My niece Kiera and her Uncle Blue, after three trips to St. Raphael’s… It was one of the longest days ever…Amazingly ‘pop pop’ is already out of the hospital and continuing to mend at home.