August is a glorious month for the tomato, especially because it’s such a sad, flavorless waste of time for most of the year.
I’ve eaten so many Sun Golds I’m starting to tire of them, but I gathered up these photos as a cheerful post to visit in the dead of winter.

There was this salad at the Whelk, topped with crispy artichokes and an anchovy dressing. That little bit of the sea made for an unexpected tomato pairing, but somehow they get along well.

I love their crazy shapes

and beautiful colors.

Two greats from the Connecticut food scene: Chef Geoff Lazlo of The Whelk and Farmer Patti Popp of Sport Hill Farm in in Easton.

And these are the Sport Hill beauties the Chef Lazlo was pouring over at the Westport Farmers’ Market.

This display of zebras reminded me of my first trip to Pike’s Place Market in Seattle. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s just the┬ábountiful┬ádisplay.

Finally – my favorite lunch from August.
The heirloom tomato plate from leFarm in Westport