Super Bowl Sunday means one thing to me: football season is almost over!  This year we hosted a small party at our house and since I’m not your regular Martha Stewart, there was no time to get out the camera while cooking, cleaning, and re-configuring our living room and dining room!  Now we have a lot of leftovers: meatballs, wings, deviled eggs & brats. There’s hardly ever such a surplus of junk food in our house and the temptation is hard to resist now that our guests are gone and no one else can see what we are eating! Super SundayEarlier on Sunday, I couldn’t resist photographing this golden bowl of Cape Cod potato chips. I spared us all a shot of the Cool Ranch Doritos. Those little specs of flavor don’t look so visually appealing, but even I can’t resist  that blue bag once a year.

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints! I hope you enjoyed SuperBowl XLIV, the game &/or the commercials and now I’m wondering… what’s your favorite game day indulgence?