stand up paddle boarding

On the second day of our trip, D announced that he wanted to try the stand up paddle board. It seems to be all the rage in Hawaii these days.  Stand Up Paddle BoardingThe day after the tsunami watch we had yellow flag conditions and it was calm enough to go out. In case you’re wondering, the paddle board is about 11′ feet long and wider than a traditional surfboard. The dimensions help stabilize things, but all the same, I’ll wait to learn until there are absolutely flat water conditions!!  D got a 15 minute crash course along with his rental and it seemed to be all he needed to get started.Stand Up Paddle BoardingStand Up Paddle BoardingI stayed on terra firma with my camera. D later confided it took a lot of core strength to maintain his balance and he was beat even before his 30 minute rental was up!  The Swiss-born instructor said he would tired that night and boy, he was right! Stand Up Paddle BoardingStand Up Paddle BoardingI apologize for the dreadful photos, he went out in the midday sun.  I do love this one photo from around sunset, the light on the resting boards is just lovely.Stand Up Paddle BoardingWhen you’re pro at paddle boarding it looks *SO* easy.  So easy, even a dog can do it!Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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  1. Hmm, maybe we can borrow a dog. First we have to be sure we can stay upright the whole time! Let us know when you’re ready to try it out. Then you’ll be all set for your next trip to Florida!

  2. Grace Weitzer

    Now that you have the board, you need the dog !

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