space invaders

My husband is still in one of those old school professions where the men wear suits to work every day. Most of the time I can show up to the office wearing jeans, but each morning D still has to pick out a tie.  This is my favorite. It’s a subtle print from a distance, but up-close the observer will notice Space Invaders!!  D has another Psycho Bunny tie, but I love this unexpected reference in such a traditional looking pattern. I found it during our trip to Portland, Maine last May. It’s from the stylish menswear shop, David Wood Clothiers on Commercial Street.

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  1. I wonder…I haven’t been to < a href="" target="_blank">Mitchells in ages, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Psycho Bunny there. I think Neiman Marcus also sells their ties!

  2. Grace Weitzer

    Now THAT is hysterical ! Do they carry that at Mitchell’s ? It’s worth it to wear the label on the outside !

  3. I’ve never been to Death & Co… Does M have something to wear, or does she need time to shop?

  4. Awesome tie! We should all have a skullclothes outing to Death and Co.!

  5. Must have that tie!

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