souterrain four (part 2)

As far as behind-the-scenes go, an outdoor dining setup like Souterrain seems ideally suited for photographs. No walls hem you in and you’re blessed with natural light (not some windowless, dimly-lit kitchen). ┬áBut the reality is, it’s still a compact workspace. Getting in close to the action means you’re also an extra body, potentially hampering the task at hand. Ever mindful of the intrusion, I still made it a priority to grab a few shots before each course was served. There is a different energy as courses get fired and plated. Without the benefit of also hearing the minimal, clipped dialog, these photos fall a little flat in conveying the kitchen’s laser-beam focus and constant race against the clock.

For those unable to recognize leFarm’s Chef Bill Taibe, we can alternately call him Mr. Delicious. Besides the colorful collection of t-shirts and tattoos, I hope these shots help to illuminate the intense prep and teamwork required to serve brunch (on a farm) to 50 lucky guests.

My biggest take-away lesson for next time? Bring a telephoto lens and use it! I shot mostly with 18-55 or 35mm lens.

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  1. Chelsea, You can get on the Souterrain mailing list by writing to:

  2. marina

    everything looks really amazing-those potatoes! great great shots

  3. Chelsea

    I’m intrigued…when is the next Souterrain, and how would I find out if you don’t know? (Last post on the blog is from 10/2010.)

  4. Supremely unlikely. But if I ever cut a book deal, I will save the first spot for you!

  5. Wow, Liz. What great pics. So nice to see wonderful memories. I want to be first in line when you publish your first book:)

  6. Amy, I was pretty excited about that salt shot! I cannot believe you haven’t downloaded your photos yet. You probably have something amazing trapped on your camera!

  7. You captured some great action shots, especially the salt action at top. Can you believe I’ve been to nutty to download any of my photos? These make me wonder if I should even bother.

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