sofra bakery, again

Yes, more from Sofra Bakery in Cambridge, MA.

In case you haven’t been following along with my obsession, this is the casual cafe/bakery of Ana Sortun, chef of Oleana also in Cambridge. These beauties were driven down by our weekend guest Miranda. I had to shoot quickly, before they all disappeared.

Miranda also matter-of-factly told me I should post more often. I love to hear this because it means someone actually misses this blog when it’s silenced by the other demands on my free time. Here’s to hoping I can post more regularly now that our summer travel is behind us.

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  1. @chris That was super awesome, wasn’t it!? Any time I might be near Cambridge I try to plot my way back to Oleana. You have to try it next time you’re in Boston.

  2. Christine

    These photos are almost painful to look at! I can practically taste the amazing meal we had at Sofra’s. One of my all time favorites!!

  3. @E I know you are another devoted reader. I need to get up earlier so I have more time to edit photos!!

  4. YUM, those looks amazing. Yes you should post more often, my morning are boring when there is not a new Twilight post.

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