santa monica pier

After polishing off the guava cake, our next stop was Santa Monica.  I may have visited here once before, but it was definitely my first time out on the pier.

A moment of quiet solitude.

Cam you spot D?

This fellow was decent on the violin, but I don’t think he was trying that hard…

While we were strolling along waiting for the June gloom to burn off, I convinced everyone to climb aboard the giant ferris wheel.

This is my mom’s oldest brother, my Uncle Ed. Thought he’s lived in the area for years, it was also his first time on the ferris wheel.

The rest of the photos taken from the ride.

These kids loved waving to us every time they shot skyward.

I didn’t go to a lot of amusement parks as a kid, but I’m always drawn to the colorful rides.

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  1. Eunice

    Makes me want to go on one of those colorful rides.

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