sally’s apizza in new haven

When first-time visitors come calling in Connecticut, we often suggest going out for pizza. Specifically, New Haven pizza. There’s much local debate regarding the best place for a pie (and you can feel free to share your favorite in the comments), but today we’re digging in at Sally’s Apizza.

D’s friend David is a frequent presence at Sally’s. Dining with a regular brought our Wooster Street experience to a whole new level. We ordered completely different pizzas from our normal routine and Rick Consiglio (below) graciously allowed us behind the counter for an up-close blast of hot air from the coal-fired oven.

David, our guide for the evening, told us he eats at Sally’s about 2 times a week. Obviously he is no a stranger to the gym, but he has another trick up his sleeve. White pies, light on the mozz. Easing up on the cheese allows other ingredients to take center stage and makes things a little easier on your waistline! Here’s my favorite of the night. It’s a white pie with zucchini, onions, tomato and basil. Look for it in specials on the back of the menu.

Unique to Sally’s is its incredibly homey feel. There is a warmth to the wood paneling, the happy customers and the family that keeps things humming along in the back.

Somehow we ending up with 1 medium and 5 small pizzas for 3 people! I was embarrassed when the trays stacked up, but the truth is, you can never have too much leftover pizza.

If you’re a regular reader, you know I love to go behind the scenes.

Red pie, with pepperoni.

Take a closer look and everywhere you will see decades worth of fascinating details from this family-run business.

Another red pie. Half eggplant and half meatball.

White clam pie.

700 degrees!!! That’s how you get that beautiful crust.

I hope this isn’t some kind of state secret, but we asked David for his favorite combos. This white pie has mushrooms and a mix of sweet and hot peppers. I’d never dream this up, but trust me – you want to try it. Usually I shy away from hot peppers, but the sweet ones balance things out.

I work in a cube all week long, so I’m fascinated by other workspaces.
How much room do you really need to handle your paperwork? Any why not have a Tootsie Pop tree on your desk!?

Thank you to the Consiglios for the kind welcome and delicious pizza. And one huge shout out to David, our Sally’s ambassador and to the whole Friday night crew cranking out those amazing pies.

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  1. @kim Your family clearly knows the menu better than us. We’d love to go with you guys!
    @leeanne Dang Internet, wish we could taste things online.
    @amy I never even bothered photographing pizza before I met you! You’ve created a monster.
    @michele C’mon back for a visit to NH! You know you miss it (at least a teeny bit?)

  2. Michele

    Insanely jealous!

  3. Just when I think I’ve had enough pizza photos … these are terrific and they made my stomach growl. You definitely captured the homespun family feel of Sally’s. Great behind the scenes pics.

  4. ahhh, your photos are stunning! I can almost taste the pizza through the screen.

  5. Elizabeth-
    My favorite post yet!! You really captured the heart of our favorite pizza place! I love that they let you back in the kitchen- we live when that happens and when they bring us out fresh cheese and pepperoni for the kids to snack on before the pizza comes! And, you highlighted yet another of our favorite perks- the tootsie pop tree- we keep saying we’ll have to bring Flo a bag of tootsie pops to make up for all the ones the kids have eaten over the years :-). Come with us sometime- we have yet to go since the baby was born- but I promise you, being stuffed into the booth with kids is a whole other experience!
    🙂 Kim

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