reggae & rhone in connecticut

Hailing from Lodi California, Michael David Winery traveled to Connecticut for a few events earlier this month. Teaming up with New England Wine & Spirits, they brought their annual “Reggae & Rhone” event on the road to the Branford House at Avery Point in Groton.  This UCONN property features a tremendous panoramic view of Long Island Sound and a mansion reminiscent of Newport estates of the Gilded Age.

Reggae performance courtesy of Mystic Bowie.

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  1. Thanks Dan. I will get other shots to you. Too many to post on here! It really was quite a magical evening on the shoreline.

  2. Dan Hogan

    Beautiful pictures! And your website is excellent! If you would like to share any more pictures of Reggae, please do. I would like to see them all! It was a great event on a beautiful day. Thanks for being there! (and for bringing your camera!)

  3. Good times, this event was a blast!

  4. Amy Gallagher

    These are great, thanks.

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