Continuing on with 2011 photographs that never made it onto the blog.

Back in early July, it was a dry hot scorcher of a Saturday and Amy allowed me to tag along on an apiary tour in Weston. Marina Marchese, owner of Red Bee Honey wowed me with her beekeeping knowledge and her tremendous generosity – treating us to both a tour of the homestead AND an inpromptu honey tasting.

Are you an aspiring beekeeper? It’s clearly a very supportive and friendly community. You can learn about what’s involved and follow Marina’s journey in the book Honeybee, Lessons from an Accidental Beekeeper.

Just want to taste the liquid gold? It’s available on the Red Bee Honey website, but if you’re anywhere near Weston, Conneccticut, drop Marina a line and see if you can schedule a shopping excursion at the charming red cottage.

As a honey sommelier, Marina also offers tastings and special events. Follow on FB or join the mailing list to find out what’s on the calendar.

If you’re curious about Marina’s journey into beekeeping, this video gives a nice feel for her story and her honey bee surroundings.