Last year I fell in love with Warrup’s Farm in Redding, Connecticut. It’s a bit of a trip up north of the Merritt Parkway, but on a beautiful Fall day, I never mind the extra drive on back roads.

We were greeted with colorful garden of flowers, a mix of dahlia, cosmos, sunflowers creating a beautiful l backdrop behind the pre-picked pumpkins just past the farm stand. Warrups Farm in Redding CT

They sell sell popcorn and cider a the farm stand if you need a snack before you head down the road to the pick-your-own pumpkin patch.

Warrups Farm in Redding CTHayrides cost $1. It’s a fun way to get to the pumpkin patch and a total necessity if you pick a heavy pumpkin and don’t want to carry it back up the hill to your car!Warrups Farm in Redding CT
Warrups Farm in Redding CTIt’s a little trickier to get around inside a real pumpkin patch, but even our 3 year-old managed to navigate the vines and find her perfect pumpkin. My only rule? She had to be able to carry it herself.
Warrups Farm in Redding CTI came home with a green pumpkin. It was definitely heavier than it looks… Between it and the camera, I couldn’t carry any more. Will it continue to turn orange now that it’s been picked? I hope not…Warrups Farm in Redding CTThere was plenty of orange and yellow today, but based on the amount of green we saw, there should still be plenty of colors to come.
Warrups Farm in Redding CTWhen we were finished picking, a small group had gathered for a ride back up the hill. This is as many people as I’ve ever seen at Warrup’s and it was fun to have some company for the return hay ride.
Warrups Farm in Redding CT

While you’re waiting to checkout at the farm stand, there’s some impulse items to add a little more color to your Autumn display.

Warrups Farm in Redding CT

If you’re looking for something quieter and less congested than the bigger farms you find further south, Warrup’s is a charming experience, easily worth a little extra time in the car. Warrup’s is on John Read Rd, which is currently (2016) closed on the eastern end. You can take Rt 107 north to John Read Road. Look for the small Warrup’s sign on the right side of 107, it’s opposite the Redding Country Club.

Warrup’s Farm
11 John Read Rd
Redding, CT

Open (with hayrides) weekends in October
Check Facebook for hours