We visit Portland in search of good food. While sorting through shots from our short visit to Maine, I found there isn’t much to share. Turns out, I haven’t quite learned how to wrangle a toddler and take photographs with a dSLR. Especially while dining out, I find either the camera or our food is one second away from being redirected into a dangerous or messy situation. Once I’m behind the lens, there’s no telling what mischief is now obscured.

So our activities were dictated by travel with a toddler… There are still a few glimpses into Portland to share. First stop, Pai Men Miyake, a spot brimming full of locals enjoying a bowl of ramen and other small bites. One of my favorites was the bowl of brussels sprouts.

We went in search of a bagel from Scratch Baking Co. Rookie mistake… Sunday at 10 am, the line was out the door. We gave up and took a drive around the quiet neighborhoods in South Portland. I could imagine living here!

Portland Head Light and a little rocky coastline. Scenic proof we were really in Maine! I know, we spend too much time in downtown Portland, chasing after our next meal.

After feeling right at home at Eventide Oyster Co, we went back for brunch the next day. In case you missed it, I wrote more about our experience here.

Traveling with Lily means I’m always on the lookout for a playground to burn off a little excess energy. Eastern Promenade is a great place for a walk on a sunny day, with or without kids.

We never miss a visit to Standard Baking Co.
Our breads and other sweets were made it a worthwhile stop, but the macaroons have a new recipe and I’m still morning the loss of its far superior predecessor.

Look up above Standard Baking and you’ll see the windows of Fore Street, a restaurant I’ve loved since our first visit to Portland. I’ve always wanted a seat a window table above the bakery and this time, my wish came true. It was all the more exciting because we were warmly welcomed by the restaurant, even with a 15 month old. There are no high chairs, but a noisy din – enough to mask any enthusiastic outbursts.  Lily sat on our lap and snacked on freeze dried fruit while we considered ourselves very lucky to dine at this wonderful restaurant again, this time as a family.

While walking off dinner with a stroll along the harbor, we chanced upon the brand new Nova Star ferry loading up for it’s overnight trip to Yarmouth. I’m anxious to see more of Canada and I had no idea this ferry service had just begun. Nova Scotia, I’ve got my eye on you!

As always – here are the ones that got away:

Miyake Diner (in transition)
Scratch Baking (bagels)
Hunt & Alpine Club
Central Provisions