Postcard from Newport, RI

We’re always on the road the first weekend in May, but April showers often manage to trail along behind us. Even without the sunshine, I’ll admit the misty Rhode Island coastline was quite beautiful! You’ll notice it feels like a lot of these photos were taken from the car, which is absolutely true. We only had 24 hours to explore,  so many thanks to Maureen, Tony and Liz W for keeping our short Newport itinerary on track.

First stop: lunch at the Safari Room at Ocean Cliff. The patio wasn’t open, but the view was still spectacular.

Flying a kite at Brenton Point State Park

On the wine trail in Rhode Island. While others headed in for a tasting at Newport Vineyards, I went out back for photos.

Time for one more: Greenvale Vineyards in Portsmouth.

Lastly, a friend (of a friend) recommended the Cook House and I loved the bar room view between the wharfs ( below, right). We only stopped in for a drink before dinner, but I’ll be sure to return next time we’re in Newport.

Departing from the group favorite (Scales and Shells), our final dinner was at Fluke Wine Bar. Prepare yourself for some stairs, but the view from our 3rd floor window-side table was worth the climb. You’ll just have to trust me on this one because it was way too dark for the camera. In the distance, the fog rolled in and out around the Newport Bridge and the lights twinkled in the tree above Diego’s. If you haven’t managed a reservation,  you can try your luck at the bar, also on the 3rd floor.

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  1. J. Kami

    Loved your photos of Rhode Island. The haze or mist softened much of the landscape photos and made them so pleasing to look at. Ciao. A. Jean

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