portsmouth: the friendly toast

Did you actually believe my last blog post when I wrote that I didn’t research a single place to eat in Portsmouth? Let’s be honest, I did have one stop on the agenda. D and I woke up early on Saturday for breakfast outside of the hotel. With my schedule, the only option was the Friendly Toast, at opening, in order to make it back for my 8 am meeting. Michele and Burke have already been to the Friendly Toast, so it came highly recommended. I love the kitschy decor, but the food was also quite good (and I’m not really a huge fan of breakfast)! Those are my coconut cakes (coconut, cashews and chocolate chip pancakes) in the foreground, but D’s jalapeno cheese thick-cut toast (with butter) stole the show.

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  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Friendly Toast, especially since they are in Cambridge too, just a short drive away for us:) Yum, yum, yum! Hope you enjoyed your breakfast!

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