point-no-point01After whale watching, we decided to see more of the western coastline on Vancouver Island.  We drove about 15 miles to Point No Point Resort. In September, the dining room does not serve dinner on Monday or Tuesday, but we were lucky enough to stop by for lunch. Oh what a view from this perch!  Whenever you go, be sure to arrive BEFORE the sun sets! Our food was delicious, pictured above is my confit chicken leg with potato salad. This was my favorite lunch of the *entire* trip.  If the binoculars on the table don’t bring you close enough to the action, resort guests (and lunch visitors) can get an 4 digit code to access trails down to the waterfront. It’s an easy way to access the beach and a great way to work off lunch.

Hike down towards the coastline and stay to the left. The bits of bright red will jump out of the scenery and guide your way. Point No PointPoint No Point