Work has been so busy lately, I haven’t had much time/energy to shoot or edit anything new… I’ve been sorting through photos to put on a digital photo frame and when I came across these squirrels from a trip to Canada I thought I thought we could all use a break from my usual posts about food!  There are lots of small critters in the Canadian Rockies and some of them are used to tourists, so they can be down-right outgoing if they think you have something to eat. We met these fellows at a rest stop along the road to Maligne Lake outside of Jasper.  Squirrels in JasperI was sorting through some photos from our 2008 trip to the Rockies and if you haven’t been to this part of Canada, put it on your list. It’s just spectacular. When I get back to more travel blogging I’ll revisit the photos from this trip. I felt like every view was breathtaking!  Never heard of Maligne Lake?  Here it is in all its glory, even on a gray rainy day!Maligne LakeIf you watch web soup, you’ll get the reference to this blog title.