oyster club in mystic

Last weekend brought us back to the eastern edge of Connecticut. Around the corner from the downtown Mystic drawbridge, it’s a short walk to a brand spankin’ new restaurant called the Oyster Club. How new? Our table was their first ever brunch reservation!

First course: oysters from Noank, Blue Points from NY and Wellfleets from Cape Cod.

Inside the bar. Airy and cheerful. Love the inside/out feeling with the siding on the walls.

A fine topper for my bloody mary.

BLT with hand cut fries. Can you believe Amy’s never eaten a BLT before?

D ‘s burger: on brioche, topped with cheese, bacon and a farm fried egg.

My frittata with wild mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and gorgonzola. I feel healthy, in comparison!

Chocolate Citrus Tart with candied pomelo.

Don’t know who does the arrangements for Oyster Club, but I am in love!

Co-owner Dan Meiser, a gracious &  friendly host. After masterminding the oyster addition to our round of bloody marys, I knew we were in good hands.

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  1. Thanks Katherine… will track you down via email.

  2. Hi Elizabeth:

    My husband (Jason Steadman) and Dan Meiser are the co-owners of the Oyster Club. We enjoyed your post and especially photos so much we’d love to use them on the oysterclubct.com website. We’d be happy to credit you on them.

    Do let me know if we can work something out! Have a nice weekend.

    Best Regards, Katherine Steadman

  3. Last week I also heard from McKinley Architects, the brain power behind this restaurant’s colorful and inviting appearance. If you like the Oyster Club’s thoughtful design, you may enjoy checking out the firm’s residential portfolio specializing in coastal homes.

  4. Hank, Thanks for sharing your experiences at Oyster Club. I feel it’s difficult to get a feel for a restaurant with a brunch, but it’s a long ride for us to return back for another meal! I’m not a breakfast person, so I always prefer the dinner menu. How fortunate you no longer have to drive to Chester, though we are certainly fans of River Tavern and Dinners at the Farm.

    I don’t know know about you, but I believe your wife’s farm egg is the superstar of an already tempting burger photo!

  5. My wife, Carol (who provides their flowers and eggs), and I have eaten at Oyster Club about twice a week since the opening. We have become addicted. The level of imagination and perfection in the food (and service) is so far beyond that of any other restaurant in the area that Oyster Club is the only restaurant we go to now. The closest place of similar quality is The River Tavern in Chester, CT, where James Wayman (Chef at Oyster Club) was formerly the executive chef. Now we don’t have to drive to Chester any more to have an extraordinary meal.

  6. Leeanne: I can tell Rob and I will get along famously! Not sure if I am imagining this, but I believe there is also an oyster shooter on the bar menu?

  7. Liz – Rob stared at the photo of that oyster-topped Bloody Mary for a good five minutes. He is PSYCHED.

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