There some nice color in our front garden right now. The main show stealer is this peony from White Flower Farm. I thought I was buying a plant that would bloom with loads of pink frilly petals. Instead, a year later you can imagine my surprise when I ended up with these huge white flowers with bright yellow centers. After all that waiting…I was not pleased. Every year I’ve come to resent my mistake (and this peony plant) a little less. I do despise all the harsh shadows in this photo, but the only time I could get out there with my camera was first thing in the morning when the sun was raking down.  Brent’s coming down to visit this weekend and there is some planting to be done. I wonder if he minds working in the dirt? He can hang on the deck. I wouldn’t do that to a house guest.  It’ll be great to have a weekend at home, we’ve been traveling every weekend in May!