never let me go

How did I ever find the book Never Let Me Go? I have no idea!  I had never read anything by Kazuo Ishiguro, though his reputation as an author precedes him. No friend had recommended it and I had no inkling regarding the plot. Given my feelings about sci-fi, this was defintely a good thing. Never Let Me Go made quite an impression on me for its slow, measured reveal of quietly disturbing circumstances. Nothing is as it seems at Hailsham. If you like Ishiguro’s work, but aren’t familiar with this novel, may I suggest skipping this movie trailer and going straight to the book. Do yourself a favor, don’t read a synopsis or even try to figure out the plot in advance… just let Kathy H slowly unravel all the details for you. 

I want to remain optimistic, but I’m not convinced this story can be captured onto film. While I’m waiting for the movie to be released in September, I am going to return to Ishiguro’s work one more time. Thanks to my dear college roommate Rebecca for tipping me off about this film. She clearly also loves this novel as well.

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  1. E, Too bad you don’t listen to audiobooks anymore… but that means you have a good commute!

  2. Eunice

    I remember this book. It was one of the last books I listened to on cd in my mini.

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