my speedy valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re back after a short, unplugged winter getaway to Vermont. Thanks to Verzion, I now know I can still survive 2 days without tweeting, texting or using my cell phone.

While I’ve known my Valentine for 9 years, I’ve never seen him on a snowmobile before. D had a surprising need for speed, so I was relieved to take this photo while STANDING with two feet firmly planted in the snow. This sentiment came about after hanging on for dear life on the back of his sled!  There’s more to come in a separate post: including our stay at the our eternally rustic Falcon’s Roost in Rochester, adventures in snowmobiling and Brent’s first snowman.

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  1. I had no idea! He’s not an aggressive driver in the car, so I assumed it would be more of the same. I’m extremely cautious! Seeing myself in in a helmet, I realized how out of character the whole experience was for me… I’d have to think hard about sharing a sled with him again. I think I’ll just take my chances on my own!

  2. I recollect your “speedy valentine” has always had the need for speed! This goes back to probably the very first time he learned to ski. My girls were very cautious but not “D”. He went STRAIGHT down the mountain as witnessed by his sister, aunt, uncle and cousins . I think we were at Carinthia or Haystack in Vermont. He was fearless, even at the age of 7

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