I’ve been trying to convince myself it’s ok to leave the big camera behind and only travel with the point and shoot. Last weekend I did a fair amount of traveling, so it was easy to force myself to pack light. I started Sunday in NYC with a quick trip to the Museum of Modern Art (Tim Burton exhibit was so jam packed at 11am we just gave up) and wrapped up the day with dinner at the wonderful mill that is home to Simon Pearce in Quechee Vermont. By then I was so tired I forgot my camera so I can’t share photos of the lovely retail shop, glass blowing studio or the beautiful icy waterfall… but I do have a few photos from the museum!Museum of Modern Art, NYCThis is Gabriel Orozco’s “mobile matrix,” featuring a whale skeleton covered in the graphite of 6,000 mechanical pencil leads. Museum of Modern Art, NYCand a few photos from the “what was good design? MoMA’s Message 1944-56.” I’m a big Eames fan and there’s so many other pieces in this exhibit that I’d love to have in my home!Museum of Modern Art, NYC