marathon monday

After stumbling upon a student tour of The College of Charleston, I momentarily wished I could linger forever in the dreamy / sunny / 80 degree weather of South Carolina in April. But I found my way back to Connecticut, thoroughly refreshed by a much needed holiday.

What’s it like to travel with me? Well, for starters there’s constant eating and drinking and the ever persistent camera. For this trip, we were joined by 2 additional travel companions, my cousin Brent… gearing up for his first half marathon on May. And Miranda, running her 4th Boston Marathon, today.

While I’m usually lagging in the back, well aware that walking + shooting photos ¬†= sprained ankle (been there x 2), ¬†Miranda’s always out in front, leading the way. She never misses an opportunity to urge me to do more with my blog, so Miranda – today this post is for you and your 26.2 miles on the road to finding a cure for cancer.

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  1. Love this! Miranda – You are MagiKal!!!

  2. Miranda

    Thanks – I love this post! Easter dinner was so much more fun than that marathon…

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