Covering for co-workers is no great shakes. Besides the extra workload, you’re constantly reminded that someone else is on on vacation and you’re not!  But this week I received a token of gratitude in the form of cookies. Or so I was flatly told, “There are cookies on your desk.” Turns out they weren’t just any cookies, these were macarons! From Laduree Paris.  Probably the most beautiful treat to ever grace my office desk! Side note: It takes a lot to get me excited before my first cup of coffee. I’m not a morning person.

Here they are, in all their glory on our conference room table. These macarons weathered the Air France strike and trip across the Atlantic in reasonable shape. If you need a closer location, get your $3 bite of heaven by checking out these New York City shops listed in today’s $25 & Under section in the NYTimes. For those of you who don’t know, this summer Laduree opened up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Has anyone been there yet?