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Whenever I’m in New York City, I wish I did more with street style photography. I find documenting personal style just as inspiring as photographing food. It’s a bit harder to find your muse here in suburban Connecticut, where I spend too much time in my car and no one (if they can help it) is on the sidewalk!  I didn’t know this wedding guest outside Our Lady Of Pompeii in the West Village. Like everyone else at the church, I was 99% focused on the appearance of the bride, but something about Kelly caught my eye. I was surprised by additional details of texture and sparkle when I started editing the wedding photos. I admire a head-to-toe effort and wish I could channel such a daily undertaking from inside my own closet. It’s not happening… I barely wake up with enough time to even ponder breakfast.

On the left:
Confirming two of Garance Dore’s rules of street style photography: It’s all about attitude: (1) look busy (2) on your phone and no talking.
I offer extra bonus points for wind blowing through your hair.

On the right:
Well…those J Crew Viv pumps have proven to be unforgettable.

More on Katey and Dave’s wedding coming soon.

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  1. Love those shoes!!!! And perfect legs to match them.

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