Katey Bee’s a Smithie and like so many of my friends from college, we met inside our beloved Morrow House. In my mind, she will always be Linda’s little sister, a cheerful ball of energy with an infectious laugh and devoted fan of mashed potato pizza. The promise of Connecticut pizzathat’s precisely how we’ve lured Katey and Dave out of the City many times. Katey hails from Staten Island and Dave from Chappaqua. They were married in the West Village at Our Lady of Pompeii Church, where I had the good fortune to be outside enjoying the October sunshine when she arrived via taxi.

While we were taking these photos, a Captain Lawrence delivery truck drove by. Certainly an auspicious sign for these 2 beer lovers. I tried to take a photo, but was too late.

Getting hitched

With a few hours to kill before the reception, we made a brief layover at Pegu Club. On our way to the reception at Twenty-Four Fifth we cut through Washington Square Park.

The new Mr & Mrs

It’s been a month since the wedding. I can’t remember what spirit she kept tucked away in the pocket of her wedding dress? Perhaps it was bourbon?

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