in bloom: may

This week has been nothing but gray skies and rain drops.  Earlier in May I managed to take a few photos and present to you an allergy-free way to enjoy the beauty in bloom here in Connecticut. These photos were taken with my G10 point and shoot, which hasn’t been getting much use lately. I’m either using my Droid Incredible phone camera, uploading straight to my twitpic account or pulling out the dSLR.

White azalea was outside the Westport Library

I work across from Noelle Salon. Every year, the wisteria puts on a wild, magnificent display above the main entrance.

I wish the wisteria would bloom a little later so the hanging flowers would still be visible around Memorial Day when the salon hangs a giant American flag from the arbor trellis.

I love the delicate lily of the valley. I haven’t seen much of them since my childhood years in Trumbull, but these were lining the pathway at Noelle.

Now I’m counting down the days until my peonies bloom.

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  1. A. Jean

    Mahalo for the beautiful flower photos. Enjoyed them.

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