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In 2009, a record number of my friends had a baby (or two, in the case of Jo & Pete) and it’s always a struggle for me to figure out children’s gifts.  This past Christmas, Felix Doolittle’s new Junior Wordplay Medallions were just the ticket. These circular labels feature his signature watercolor illustrations and can be customized as bookplates or simply used for staking claim on any of your wee-one’s worldly possessions!  They’re printed on premium paper and the luxe feel makes you want to save these for something special.  Felix Doolittle: Personalized Stationery, Invitations, Cards & LabelsIn a shrinking world of handwritten correspondence, Mr. Doolittle’s stationery shop constantly inspires me to send more snail mail.

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  1. Any ideas for housewarming/wedding/holiday gifts?

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