high line

I took my first trip to the High Line in January and even in the bleak bitter cold, you could sense the brilliant vision giving new life to this elevated railway. The High Line is one of the most exciting public spaces I’ve seen in years. So exciting, I suppose, that I forgot to take out my camera on my visit earlier this month!  Jo and I hopped on near Chelsea Market, where we soon found shaved ice, literally… this fellow was planing a huge block of ice and was attracting quite a crowd.I also got my first look at the Standard Hotel as it straddles the High Line.

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  1. What a coincidence! I thought a lot about your co-worker when I edited this post.

    Even though the purple dress is stealing the show from the guy with the ice, I decided to leave her in there since she looks way too good just waiting in line.

  2. Michele

    Aaaand, that’s my co-worker in the purple dress in your first photo!

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