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There’s a new lens in town. I just got a Sigma 18-50 mm. I took it out for a whirl at the farmers’ market in Milford. Results were mixed, I haven’t quite gotten used to it yet.  I can tell I’ve been shooting too much at home, indoors, exclusively with my 35 mm. I was out of my usual zone, which wasn’t a bad thing. It was great to see so much activity at Treat’s, I’ve never been able to drop in for this market before! I think a lot of the hoopla was for the Cupcake Truck… but I had a fantastic time talking to the vendors and taking photos. Check back tomorrow and you can follow along. I failed to grow the most basic summer herb this year and was forced to buy some basil. On a whim, I asked about the oversized mint-like leaves. It’s lemon verbena balm!! I hear it pairs beautifully with chicken or fish and works in iced teas or muddled in mojitos.

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  1. Annalisa

    Hi Liz – great photos! You were there quite a while I know, but the photographic results were worth it. I hope you enjoyed your purchases! One little thing, that’s lemon balm rather than lemon verbena – both are favorites of mine…so much so I’d love a mattress stuffed with them! See you again soon.

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