have your peeps…call my peeps

D didn’t believe me, but yes… this is a sugar-free peep! Which begs the question, if it’s free of sugar, how do they make that marshmallow?¬† It’s Splenda. I don’t think the taste is all there, but they are a little firmer than your regular peep. The sugar-free¬†variety is detached from fellow peeps and sold in a three pack, which is just about all the yellow marshmallow chick I want to consume on Easter. Sugar Free Peeps

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  1. E, You could eat more of the sugar free peeps, but I don’t think the taste is there.
    Go out and taste for yourself. They’re probably all on sale today!!!

  2. Eunice

    That is a sugar free peep? I can’t beleive it either. I ate 10 peeps yesterday. I need to work it all off now but they are the best. If I knew of the sugar free ones I would eat a lot more.

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