goodbye inn at national hall

I had no idea the beautiful (and expensive) Inn at National Hall closed in Westport, CT earlier this year. I feel lucky that I was able to spend some time inside the Bulldog Suite, when two English Bulldog-owning friends got married! I wonder what became of all the beautiful decor inside this hotel. Wasn’t the restaurant Zanghi also at this location, once upon a time? There’s a nice history of the property on Westport Now. It looks like the new Hotel Delamar Southport, is the main game in town for luxury accommodations. That’s me behind the bulldog on the right!Photo by Anthony DiCarlo.

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  1. My parents have this exact pillow on their sofa, but they’ve had it since I was in high school. I think it’s from the Yale bookstore. I will definitely keep my eye out.

  2. I would kill for one of those pillows now! Wonder where they live now. At least we got a cool picture of them.
    Glad you spent a night in the Bulldog Suite.

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