wheel of wonder

For most of the week I’ve been plotting to photograph the instant amusement park that popped up in the Westfield Shopping Mall in Milford. The bright lights always pull me in, but I’m too skeptical to ride these portable makeshift rides that drift along from town to town. I decided my best photo op was at dusk from the top of the parking garage near the movie theater. I was a little underwhelmed with the view when I got there last night, but even in the distance you could hear the scream of people having fun all the way across the paved lot. It’s a sure sign that summer can’t be far off.Ferris Wheel at Westfield Mall in Milford

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  1. Ohh, how great to see the lights whirling all night long.

  2. Liz, this photo makes me so nostalgic for May Fete, the small carnival that would settle into the middle school yard in my home town every May. It was only one house away and Annie and I would watch the lights from the ferris wheel from our window all night. Great shot!

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