In our household, I am the right brain and my husband is the left.  I am Adobe Photoshop, he is Microsoft Excel.  I never thought I’d marry a financial advisor, but we’re like yin and yang. We have our strengths and we balance each other out. 

After switching firms earlier this year (yeah- it was kind of like Jerry Maguire), his team brainstormed a new name for their partnership and settled on EastRock Wealth Management. Why East Rock?  First of all, it’s a landmark ridge and popular outdoor recreation spot in New Haven, CT.  But if you visit his 6th floor office at UBS, you’ll quickly see the real reason. Look past Anna Liffey’s, down Whitney Avenue and you’ll find East Rock looms large on the horizon:EastRock Wealth ManagementThese photos taken by the super awesome Jerome Braga of

PS: You can easily drive up to the top of East Rock Park.  Here are some late afternoon shots from last month.