craigie on main in cambridge

If you want to dine at a fine restaurant the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, you’d better line up your reservation well in advance!  We didn’t jump into action early enough… so when I tried to get a table at Oleana, there was nothing available at a reasonable hour. I did ask some locals for their recommendations, not that any were an easy reservation. We settled on tasty dinner at french/cambodian Elephant Walk on Beacon Street, just walking distance from Hotel Commonwealth where we were staying. The restaurant was completely filled, but the kitchen and staff didn’t have any problem keeping up with V day demand.  It was impressive to see the whole place run so smoothly on a busy night. 
With our revised game plan, we zeroed in on Sunday brunch at Craigie on MainCambridge.  It was a delicious meal (and I generally don’t like brunch), with great service.  They even take their cocktails quite seriously!  If you happen to see a sugar-coated donut on the menu,  I would order it. It was right up there with a malasada from Leonard’s (Honolulu) or a Downyflake donut (Nantucket). Below is Brent’s burger with crispy shoestring potatoes!Craigie's on Main in CambridgeHere are Boston/Cambridge recommendations we received:
Oleana, Craigie on Main, Blue Room, Ten Tables, Myer + Chang, Upstairs on the Square, Tangerino (ask for the tent), L’Espalier, Aquitaine, Mistral, Rialto, & Eastern Standard. Clearly we need to get back to Boston!

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  1. Brent: whew, that one awesome brunch. Let us know if you find any other good places to eat in Boston! Have you been back to Elephant Walk for some more spring rolls!?

  2. mmmm…those shoestring potatoes were phenomenal!
    i think “flat corinna” liked the bloody marys.

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