Not far out of Portland city limits mother nature starts stealing the show…big time. One sunny morning we headed out to the Historic Columbia River Highway, driving from the Vista House at Crown Point to Multnomah Falls. I wondering if much of the intrastructure including the winding roads, bridges and moss-covered walls might be part of a WPA-era project, but it seems like everything pre-dates that time. Here’s something truly amazing: this view has hardly been disturbed in all these years!Vista House, OregonCrown Point is a busy scenic overlook, but worth a stop as the view makes you feel like you’ve entered a landscape painting.Vista House, OregonIn the Portland-area, out-of-the-ordinary sights can just pop out of nowhere.  One of my favorites occured in the Vista House parking lot.  As the motorcycle pulled back onto the winding highway, this third row passenger yapped furiously into the wind.  Biker dog clearly enjoys the pleasures of the open road!Biker dogOnward to the waterfalls via the historic and twisty scenic highway. Everywhere it’s lush and mossy green!Columia River Gorge WaterfallsColumbia River Gorge Waterfalls