Have you ever been to Antarctica?  I sure haven’t… but I do know one lucky couple who visited earlier this year. Rick & Carolyn of Richmond, Virginia  have been gracious enough offer us a glimpse into their once-in-a-lifetime journey to the bottom of the world. While I’m busy editing photos from their cruise, I’m interested in YOUR trips. It doesn’t have to be an exotic destination and you don’t need to be a fancy photographer carrying dSLRs, lenses and tripod. If you like keeping it simple with your point & shoot, more power to you!  Simply send along your best snapshots that capture the ‘magic’ of your favorite vacation destinations.   I know there are a ton of fellow of armchair travelers out there who would love to criss-cross the globe, seeking adventure and eye-candy in the comfort of their own home.   Let’s pool our trips together and create a place of vacation inspiration!

If you’ve been on a killer trip and have the photos to prove it, drop me a line at  design@elizabethdorney.com First, I’ll need online access to view your photos.  Flickr.com would be best, but links to albums on Shutterfly and Facebook are ok too.  If your destination is selected, I’ll edit your photos to a greatest hits collection of about 10-20 shots to share with other readers of this blog.

I love getting out and visiting new places, but some days when you’re stuck at home, it feels great to sit back and soak-up inspiration from someone else’s travels.AntarcticaUnfettered access to penguins!? Sign me up!  (photo by rick gonazlez)