in the kitchen: caldo verde

It’s been an unseasonaly warm lately and I was shocked by the honest-to-goodness December weather waiting for me when I stepped outside this morning!

We’ve been on a kick making big batches of soup on the weekend. I complain about all the prep work, but I enjoy the time in the kitchen and away from the computer. After making a white bean and kale soup in November, I saw an adjacent recipe for caldo verde, which our Gourmet cookbook describes as a national dish of Portugal.   This soup of  linguiça or chorizo with potatoes and kale piqued my interest again when a friend mentioned he was making the very same dish right before Thanksgiving (Facebook: thanks for the status update).  Lucky for us, the master soup chef willingly parted with his caldo verde recipe this morning.  Jerome’s family hails from Madeira Island so I’ll take his word for it over Ruth Reichl’s.  Caldo VerdeAll this talk about Portugal… Can I tell you how much I would love to vist the Azores? I have no idea why these islands fascinate me so much. I don’t even know anyone who has been there.  At least I don’t think so… If you’ve been, please speak up! I want to hear more about it.

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  1. Thanks Patricio, I beyond thrilled to know of someone who can tell me about these islands firsthand!

  2. There is SO SO much that I would love to share with you about these 9 beautiful islands in the middle of the Atlantic.
    Not sure if there is a bias or a sense of self and family background, but I’ve been lucky to travel a bit and there really is something special about this place that I haven’t encountered anywhere else.
    We’ll have to talk, maybe even over soup one day, with Jerome and Jen …lol 😉

  3. A little dry ice, overnight shipping, and I’ll have it for lunch tomorrow! Looks amazing! (My favorite soup)

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