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Whew, it’s been a while… I didn’t mean to disappear for so long! I started shooting RAW and am desperately trying to figure out Lightroom and a new workflow for editing photos. After all that, there’s not much time left to write. In the meantime, there have been a few road trips to NYC and to Boston and I’ve been trying my hand at a new blog platform. If you’re on tumblr, please come follow along at:

I’m going to ease back in with a short post of a few items that caught my eye during a recent jaunt into Williamsburg. Enter the wonderful world of the Bedford Cheese Shop.  It’s filled with artisan delights like these Brooklyn Hard Candies:

and this stack of sandwiches, which made me momentarily feel like I was in Paris, not Brooklyn.

All of these sweet temptations were new to me. (If you’re into chocolate, Mast Brothers is also nearby)

I noticed the shop Whisk on a previous trip to Williamsburg back in December. I’m so glad we stopped in this time around, there’s a wonderful collection of kitchen wares and it’s a fascinating browse. We came close to buying a Chemex, but then were schooled on the benefits of a burr grinder and we suddenly couldn’t decide on-the- spot. The grinders vary quite a bit in price! Instead we bought 2 Bialetti Aeternum non-stick pans and a new bottle of bitters. Can you guess which one from the image below?

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  1. So true, plus storage of larger files has motivated me to curb over-shooting!

  2. RAW is so flexible and awesome.

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