barefoot bbq on 30A

Seaside is a very family-friendly place and it’s no surprise there are plenty of open air, casual dining options.  My favorite meal during our stay came from two Airstreams that sit within a string of food trucks along Highway 30A. Blending Southern, Texan and Caribbean influences, Barefoot BBQ serves up tasty food (hormone-free, antibiotic-free and organic) and plenty of personality.

My 3 sliders came with a choice of chicken, pork or beef brisket. I inquired (then ordered) the most popular option. You can’t get one of each, but after tasting the pork, that didn’t bother me one bit!

D got the bucket of ribs. Half rack: Pork, St. Louis style. We also opted for 2 sides: The coleslaw was bright and colorful with shredded purple cabbage and carrots. The pineapple on top was a lovely tropical nod. The mac & cheese featured a creamy cheese sauce that clung to the (beachy) shell-shaped pasta.

D was sure to test all the surf-inspired sauces available on the table.

Right before hitting the road we bought a bottle of water.  I couldn’t resist and pointed to the sign on the Airstream window: Boiled Peanuts $7. Murphy explained peanuts are not in season all year. And then he confidently handed us a generous sample, knowing that after we tasted them, we’d want our own cup. These are the largest peanuts this Northerner has ever seen! I’ve only had boiled peanuts in Hawaii, so I don’t have much point of reference. I’m not sure why they’re popular in the islands, but my dad’s family loves them. No matter where you eat them, boiled peanuts are an addicting snack. If we hadn’t already started our drive to Alabama, I would have been back for more.

You can easily drift up from the beach with sand still between your toes and enjoy a delicous meal under the umbrella-shaded tables on the sidewalk.  From the water bowl for canine friends to the “Who am I? and Trivial Pursuit cards on the table,  Murphy and Jenny have created a unique, casual and fun outdoor eatery. Next time I’m in Seaside, you can find me by my beloved Airstreams eating Barefoot BBQ!

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