baby, it’s cold outside

Who’s with me… are you sick of winter yet?   As a lifelong New England resident, you’d think I’d be used to the cold and the snow.  Every January I get complete fed up with being freezing cold all the time.  This year we got smart and planned a vacation to visit family!  We’ve got about a month to go and we’ll be happily installed on the beach in Hawaii… This photo of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel dates back to our first trip to the the islands in 2005.  It rained that day. All day. And not liquid sunshine where the sun is out and you get some sprinkles from the sky. Everywhere we went, locals told us it never rains this much in Kona. No matter, it kept pouring right up until the very end of the day where our patience was rewarded with this view.  Mauna Kea Resort on the Big Island of HawaiiWe haven’t been to this beach since the hotel was renovated, but you can plainly see there’s no need to upgrade the spectacular sunsets along the Kohala coastline of the Big Island.

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  1. i definitely agree…just booked my ticket home for spring break!!

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