It’s snowing today. Fall foliage certainly seems like a distant memory, but then again… I hardly can remember anything pre-superstorm Sandy. Last week life was filled tragic stories of loss, the challenges of life with downed power/ internet access and that annually depressing day when clocks are turned back an hour. Despite all that doom and gloom, this is my favorite season… so I gathered up a few photos for a farewell to Fall.

My Hawaii cousin Brent is back in Boston and these are his final months in New England. We made sure to load up on leaf peeping, pumpkin carving and lots of hot mulled cider.

Autumn lunch at Schoolhouse at Cannondale

This Saturday afternoon project was stickier than expected.

Another victim of Hurricane Sandy: Halloween.
With downed power lines and many dark streets, the City of Milford delayed trick or treating for a week. Hold on, scratch that – thanks to today’s predicted Nor’easter, Halloween is now rescheduled for Friday November 9, 2012!

Brent’s choice: Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas). He looked right at home once the sun went down.