Armchair Travel is back with Part 2 of Rick and Carolyn’s Antarctica Adventure. If you missed it, don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this incredible cruise to the bottom of the world.The wildlife shots are my favorites. Believe me, I exhibited a ton of restraint while editing Rick’s photos. I could go on-and-on sharing more of these amazing up-close shots. Since these animals rarely come in contact with humans, you hardly even need a telephoto lens!  With no fear, they wander freely among the visitors. One of Rick’s favorite memories took place at a penguin nesting colony right outside a small and isolated research station.  One penguin felt so comfortable with the newcomers, he laid his head across a traveler’s boot and fell sound asleep! Rick’s friend Stew stood motionless for over 1/2 hour until the sleepy bird awoke and wandered off.One of the things I love about Rick’s photos: The passengers of the Corinthian II look like they are having the time of their lives! Not just day-to-day good times, but throw-up your hands (while grinning ear-to-ear) kind of fun! In my book, this is a trip-of-a-lifetime. I’m not sure I’ll ever make it to this continent, but I feel so lucky to get a glimpse inside such a unique travel experience.I hope you enjoyed these amazing photos from Rick & Carolyn Gonzalez (above).  While these gorgeous vistas surely make a tempting case for a trip to Antarctica, Rick cautions ” it is mandatory to choose an experienced tour operator.  Antarctica can be dangerous and the weather unpredictable.  Just prior to our first 2007 trip to Antarctica a ship sank after running into ice.  The passengers had to abandon ship.  During our 2009 trip another ship ran aground and it took several days to free it.  An experienced operator is critical for a safe and enjoyable trip.”Wondering where in the world these two travelers are headed next?  In December, Rick and Carolyn will set off for the Galapagos Islands! Stay tuned, if I can get my hands on those photos, we should have another fantastic feature for Armchair Travel. If you’ve got a destination (and the awesome photos to back it up) that you’d like to share with Twilight readers, please give me a shout!