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Until yesterday I forgot about my photos from Greenport, Long Island. It was foggy/soggy May weekend. After digging up Burke’s birthday shot, I found a few more I wanted to share. This Goorin Bros hat first found its way onto D’s head during Jo and Pete’s Christmas party. D seemed to take to it quite naturally, so I thought this fedora would make a perfect gift when he switched jobs last March.In Greenport, NYAnd here are two All-Stars on the shell & stone filled shoreline.
M’s Chuck Taylors and D’s more modern take by John Varvados for Converse.  The classics are always in style!Converse

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  1. Great blog nice work.Best,Anthony

  2. Ha ha, Rob has a hat just like Dorney’s! I bought it at the Goorin shop here, to prove to Rob that he can still be hip, even though he’s a daddy now.

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