Thanks for stopping by. Twilight at Morningside is named after the neighborhood where we settled in 2007. While I would love to tell you that I blog and take photographs full-time, but by day I spend my time on the creative side of marketing. This means I design for web/print and also specialize in strategic corporate presentations.  I primarily work from home, but I still have a few  favorite audiobooks from my 14 years of commuting from Milford to Stamford. I started this blog to share some of my photos, instead of keeping them top-secret on my hard drive. Somewhere along the line, my interest shifted to photographing food. Visitors are always telling me this site makes them HUNGRY! I’ll take that as a huge compliment.

If you’re wondering about one of the photos on Twilight at Morningside, (unless you are reading an armchair travel post or a guest blog) chances are it was taken by one of two cameras:

Nikon D300 / D700 I like to shoot with the 35mm f/2.8.


iPhone 6S Plus
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Check out my local favorites.

It’s not good for me to go crazy talking to myself all day long, so please say hello in the comments or drop me a line at lizdorney AT gmail.com.


photo by Justin and Mary


  1. Donny,
    Fork It Over was a great experience… I hope you can make it to the last one! I will be there shooting on behalf of CTbites. A cold roman cocktail sounds right up my alley. I’ll track you down via email or will stop by next time I’m at WFM.


  2. Hey Elizabeth,
    It’s Donny from Raus Coffee at the Westport Farmer’s Market. I see that you went to Fork It Over. Heard great things. Am hoping to make one of the events.

    I came across a pic you had taken a while back of my my bottled Cold Roman espresso. Was wondering if I could use the photo on my website and for other promotional use. I would give you credit for the photo.

    Also, was wondering if you’d like to do some bartering. I am going to coming up with a menu of Cold Roman Cocktails and was wondering if you’d be interesting in photographing some of them. Did I mention I now have 5 flavors?

    Hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you!


  3. Hi Anita, Thanks for stopping by. You can follow the RSS feed for my blog using this link: http://www.twilightatmorningside.com/feed/

    (I use Google.com/reader to follow all my favorite blogs)

  4. Anita Faulkner

    How can I subscribe to your blog? I live in the Shenandoah Valley but have a daughter going to the CGA in New London. Your pics are great!

  5. Thanks Ben, I am still shooting mostly with Nikon D300, lately with Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8-4.5

  6. I love, love, love your photographs! I was wondering what type of camera you shoot with?

  7. Hi Liz,

    My name is Ben and I work with Mohegan Sun in CT where we are having our annual Sun Winefest convention at the end of this month.


    I wanted to see if you might be interested in posting about the event or possibly attending. I spoke with CT Bites and they turned me onto your site. I’m really impressed so let me know if you might have any interest in doing some kind of a post and we also have a lot of give away items we can offer out to your readers as well.

    And if you’d like to come and cover the event I’d be happy to put you on the list. Hope we can works something out.



  8. I love your blog Liz! You are very committed! Wonderful images! I completely understand the obsession with photographing food. It truly has risen to an art and I feel less guilty about the consumption of it if I can memorialize it in a photograph!

  9. New site is terrific….so many great shots, esp. you & D!

  10. I love the new site (and that picture of you and Dorney!).

  11. Love the new look!

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