a weekend in new milford

When you’re a bridesmaid in a wedding, there’s not usually much time to explore. Luckily, Christine was an easy going bride, so I was able to take a few photos beyond the confines of the absolutely beautiful 600+ acres Candlelight Farms Inn.

After Saturday morning’s ceremony rehearsal we took a drive out to Roxbury to eat brunch at Mamie’s. Just when you start to wonder if you’re on the wrong road, this country restaurant appears out of nowhere.

There weren’t enough rooms at the farm, so I hemmed and hawed over our accommodations. Apparently, I crashed someone else’s wedding block when I stumbled across the single available room at a motel that’s a little bit closer to the farm. Rocky River Inn has two different sections and our Jr Suite was in the newly renovated portion of the motel.

Our room featured a wet bar, huge bathroom plus a sitting room opposite the king sized bed.

On the way to the rehearsal dinner at 59 Bank Street, we walked through downtown New Milford and past Spruce Home and Garden.  This horse reminded us of the one installed at the Figge Museum where Ann & Jason got married.

We made sure to return the next day and ended up leaving with an oversized lantern. You can see it there in the lower right.

Not exactly on our way home, but we drove up to Washington, CT to try Sunday brunch at Community table.
My fried eggs with focaccia and mustard greens:

The Community table spin on chicken and waffles (ever since watching Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood I’ve wanted to go to Roscoe’s):

Crisp autumn temps were in action all weekend long! For dessert, of course we ordered cider doughnuts.

One of these days I’m going to check out the Elephant’s Trunk flea market for myself! I know a few of the other wedding guests went there on Sunday morning. I’ve heard it’s best to go early, but I wasn’t blazing any early morning trails the day after the wedding!

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  1. RK, We’re not regulars up this way, any other favorite eateries you can recommend?

  2. Mamie’s is awesome.

  3. Definitely go to the flea market early. We were there 11am-ish and many folks were packing up. Still, I loved my two necklaces (am wearing one today, in fact!!)!

  4. Chris, Have you been? Spruce is right up your alley. I saw they are opening a shop in West Hartford in October. 973 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford.

  5. Christine

    I’m in love with Spruce!! Can’t wait to see your lantern in person.

  6. I wondered if anyone was going to see us wandering through town with the huge lantern. Sean must have thought we were crazy with birdhouse! If you only have time for one stop, I think the flea has more potential for cool finds. I really need to get up early one Sunday and make it happen!

  7. This was a great post! Sean mentioned that he saw you walking in town carrying a HUGE birdhouse! We had to read this post to find out it was no birdhouse but a lantern! 🙂 Wish I had gone into Spruce. It looks awesome from your photos. And Elephant Trunk Flea Market is totally cool! We went at 7:30 on Sunday!

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