3 hours in new haven

You might remember A + J from their Quad Cities wedding a few years ago. Last week they drove into town for a wedding and also managed one heck of a whirlwind tour of the Northeast.

In between 1 day stops in Boston and NYC, they toured Yale’s campus while waiting for us to reach New Haven. I made sure to ask them to avoid the jeans and sneakers so we could step inside Mory’s for a drink.  These days dress codes are kind of old school.  But in my book, you really don’t get more old school than Mory’s at Yale! This venerable campus institution has recently allowed non-Yalies to join. D works in New Haven and became a member when the club re-opened.

It was a Wednesday night and the womens’ group Whim N Rhythm was performing. I believe this is a seniors-only group?  Regardless, I still feel old when I’m on campus.

It was J’s first time in Connecticut. Obviously we had to take him to Wooster Street. He had already seen New Haven pizzerias featured on a tv show and he was ready to taste for himself!

That night Sally’s wasn’t open and Pepe’s was out of clams. Even with a 45 minute wait, we were still happy campers once our table at Pepe’s was stacked with pizza  (red: bacon& onion, red:pepperoni, white: sausage and mushroom). Leeanne commented on the school of thought that the authentic Pepe’s Wooster Street experience is often dished up with a side of surly service. This time our server was quite friendly and attentive.  It was certainly a surprise and a nice touch for our guests who originally hail from the Midwest.

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  1. Haha! We were so excited by the huge stack of pizzas… and the friendly service!! Thanks again for hosting us. J got such a great sense of the place (or as much as we could in such a short time!).

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