It’s no surprise I’m the kind of person who would fall in love with a store devoted to the art of cooking, but Weekend Kitchen in the charming shoreline town of Essex, Connecticut is a special shop. I should have known right off the bat, when I was welcomed by the nautical-themed Thomas Paul melamine plates. This is indeed a “small eclectic kitchen shop” and it’s one of the best curated collections of kitchenwares I’ve seen. There are so many brilliant items crammed into this store that I simply must return with my dSLR camera and get more photos. I’m hoping to go back in a few weeks. I have my eye on an Alessi teapot to work towards completing my Michael Graves collection… but last weekend I was won over by this clever marriage of form and function: Joseph Joseph’s Nest 8, a stackable set of measuring cups, mixing bowls, sieve and colander. And if you need a laugh, here’s what the Weekend Kitchen has to say about cell phones.