We didn’t need a dial because for my entire childhood there was just ONE radio station. WSHU, 91.1 broadcasts from Sacred Heart University (where my mom has taught for over 30 years). It wasn’t until middle school that I listened closely enough to recognize certain shows were actually funny.  These days I hardly ever remember to turn on the radio during weekend, but I’m a long-time listener of shows like Car Talk, This American Life and A Prairie Home Companion.

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me is the perfect NPR weekend news show for Morning Edition/All Things Considered listeners who like to shout answers at radio. The show occasionally goes on the road, taping on Thursday nights in front of a live audience.  While I enjoy the razor quick retorts from Peter Sagal and other panelists, this was my 4th WW live taping and this time around, the venue deserves mention. Waterbury Connecticut is a bit of a drive from our home in Milford, but I was excited to return to the Palace Theater, a stunning performing arts center with dazzling 1920s splendor everywhere you look.

Official scorekeeper Carl Kasell (left) and host Peter Sagal (right)

Theater interior (left) Peter Sagal (right)

As we were waiting for the live taping to begin, we argued if Jerry Springer was sitting in front of me. I found it hard to believe the talk show host would attend a Wait Wait show, but I was wrong. Jerry Springer was this week’s “Not My Job” guest!  Watching him out of the corner of my eye, he looked a bit nervous as he waited his turn out in the audience. If you’re interested in hearing his segment from the show,  it’s embedded in the bottom of this post. Scroll to the bottom.

Other photos from the show:
Jerry Springer speaking about his political interest and past career as a newscaster (left), Carl singing Happy Birthday to a lucky mom up in the balcony (upper right) and finally, I couldn’t resist a photo of my friend Dougie, who got us our super sweet orchestra seats. Thanks for coming all the way from the comfort of your Dewey, Cheetham, & Howe office in Cambridge.

One last photo of the lobby.
The Palace Theater recently underwent a $30 million restoration and seats over 2,000!  You may not have expected something so beautiful in the Brass City.  If you live in Connecticut take a look at the schedule and treat yourself to night out at a truly majestic theater.